Rachael's style of millinery combines feminine shapes, designed to be a blend of elegance with a dash of high spirits.

Rachael started making hats in 1998. She studied millinery in Canberra, and then Adelaide, Australia,  On returning to Canberra, she started her own millinery business and has been making hats for dignitaries, race goers, brides (and their mothers) ever since. Her hats have jetted off all over the world, including to royal weddings. Rachael also makes head wear for theatrical productions..

In 2015 Rachael was fortunate to work for Phillip Rhodes (Phillip Rhodes Hats Melbourne, Australia) in his workroom for the spring racing season. Theatrical, wholesale and bespoke work all came through this very busy traditionally run workroom, run to a high standard of quality.

Rachael works from her home based workroom closely supervised by Oliver the dog. Her hats are stocked in the designer collective, Cardif Collective in Canberra, year round. 

Rachael says, “A great hat is like a new pair of shoes or a fabulously cut dress or pair of trousers, it will make you feel different...better....more you. Why does this happen?  I suppose the reason will inevitably be different for everyone, but I suspect the right hat will tap into a part of the personality the wearer likes, and without words, shows this hidden or underused part to the world.... or maybe it just feels good. 

Rachael is a member of the Millinery Association of Australia.