This year’s range is all about feeling a bit like a bower bird  (read looking around and feeling appalled at the amount of stock I have and needing to have a big clear out). Over many years I have collected a plethora of pretty and useful things but in actual fact, not  putting them to use at all (or not to put to fine a point on it, hoarding). Waste and ‘clearing’ have been popular societal themes in the last few years and so I though it time for the millinery workroom to contribute.

So the hats you see before you are made from everything I already had. This was a lesson to me that will be taken through to the next few ranges (because it has barely made a dent). Choosing a theme or something to tie a range together is an important exercise for a designer. Drawing a box or imposing a deliberate boundary to work within inspires problem solving that is not necessarily activated when there are no limits. The infinite choices that can be made become overwhelming and a lot of time is spent making pots of tea while decision making  becomes the biggest obstacle to making a nice hat.

Like a bower birds collection, there is a theme to what you see; no not all blue, but there is definitely a touch of shine in the braid, satin and abaca in many of the offerrings.

As always, contact me if you would like to purchase any of these hats.